Sunday, October 21, 2007

the game

today on the recess yard bobby swanson came up to me and asked me if i wanted to play a game with the rest of the class. after putting on my activity goggles that my mom bought for me i said sure. we went to the other part of the yard and the almost the whole class was already ready waiting for me before they started the game. i felt really special.

susie pulled out a ball that appeared to be made out of brown stuff with white stiches all over it and started throwing it around. bobby said the name of the game was “kill the man with the ball”. at first i thought someone might get hurt then i thought i was just being stupid. whats the worst that could happen in a game called “kill the man with the ball”.

i asked what the rules to this game were and he told me that i would figure it out quickly enough and just to play along. i said ok.

bobby grabbed the ball and through it towards me. i had never caught a ball before so it hit me right in the nose. it hurt for about 5 minutes and i cried a little bit but i didnt let anyone else see that. what hurt more was actually being tackled by the entire class directly aftward picking the ball up off of the ground. we repeated this process maybe 15 times. now tha ti think about it i dont remember anyone else having the ball the entire recess period but then again i dont really remember much from that recess period either.

i think i ended up in the nurses office somehow but i cant be entirely sure as i think my next memory was going to school the next day. i think i might have accidently stepped on bobby’s time machine while i was walking back to class.


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