Sunday, October 21, 2007

the lipstick

about 2 weeks ago my mom left for happy hour. before leaving she does her makeup all fancy and makes her hair big and wears big hoop earings. wanting to see what the fuss was all about... i went into her bathroom after she had left. i started trying on her lipstick and her shoes and her earings and her big leather boots. i didnt see what the big deal was so i took all her clothes and everything off and fell asleep in the living room. a few hours later my mom woke me up and was really mad and asked why i had lipstick all over my face. i didnt know what to tell her so i said that i thought it was a popscicle and tried to eat it. she rushed me to the hospital and i had my stomach pumped. it hurt alot.

i stayed home from school the next day. instead of my mom leaving me alone during happy hour she got me a babysitter named alissa. i have talked about alissa before but she is so amazing that i want to talk about her again. alissa is a grown up... probably 16 or 17 years old. and she is the smartest person i know. i can ask her anything and shell give me the correct answer. that night we started talking and i asked her the question that i had wondered about for a long time. where did babies come from? alissa said that babies came from the moms “virginia” after a boy sticks his “pennsilvania” in it and shoots baby juice all over her insides. i think she was lying.

when mom came home i asked her about what alissa had said. she smelled like rubbing alcohol and fell asleep before she could answer the question. the next day at school i asked bobby swanson where babies came from. instead of giving me an answer he told all the girls in my class that i was a vagina, and that i liked it when men put their baby juice in my mouth. i think he misunderstood my question.

its 6:30pm and my bedtime so i will write some more tomorrow.


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