Monday, October 22, 2007

the secret

yesterday i was eating my cornuts and staring at nitro during lunch time when bobby came up to me and told me that he had a secret. he said the secret was so secret that no one else could ever find out about it especially adults. i wanted to know the secret so badly so i told him to tell me. he said no that it was to big of a secret to tell anyone. i told him he could beat me up if he told me. he said ok.

bobby told me that he had found the secret to getting super powers. he said that pee (number 1) if drunk within 15 minutes would give you super human strength. i believed him because he told me that this was a secret and that grown ups could not know. he would not lie about something like this. also if i drank the pee he would not be able to beat me because i would be strong so i was left without options.

after bobby was done telling me i went to the bathroom and filled up my nitro thermos with pee . i went back to the table and started to drink from nitro. as i was doing this bobby came over and punched me in the stomach really hard. all the pee went flying out of my mouth on to the table next to me just as nurse henry was walking by. i think some of my number 1 got on nurse henry because she started screaming.

i did not get super human strength because i was not able to fully swallow. because i was not able to get super human strength bobby swanson beat me up so badly that my pee is now red. i plan on trying to get super powers again tomorrow or whenever my number 1 turns back to its original color (green)... whichever comes first.


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