Saturday, October 27, 2007

the trip pt. 1

today was a field trip at my school to the zoo. the entire 6th grade class got to go and i was very excited. my mom packed me an extra special all-ketchup-packet lunch with a banana to feed the monkeys. she also filled nitro with apple juice instead of the regular non dairy mung bean extract that my doctor proscribed to me. this was a pleasant surprise. i can only have apple juice 1 time a year bc of my alergie to both apples and juice…. and most things liquid. it was looking like it was going to be a great day.

when i got to school everyone was packing up to go to the zoo. while i was going to get in line to get on the bus bobby thought it would be funny to push me into a pole while i was walking. i did not find this very funny but… the entire class did. i stumbled around for a minute and got back in line. i was finally on the bus.

about half way to the zoo i noticed that none of my friends (classmates) were on the bus. looking around there were only kids in wheel chairs and the bus was really small….. a lot shorter than the normal busses. i would have gotten up to ask an adult what was going on but my mom told me not to talk to strangers. i saw adults look at me a few times but they never said anything.. i must have looked like i belonged there.

after 15 minutes kids started getting off of the bus but we were not at the zoo. an adult finally came up to me and asked me where my house was and what my name was. i gave her a fake address because i did not know her and my mom told me never to give my address to a stranger. i asked her where we were going and she told me that everyone on the bus got to have a special half day and go home instead of going to the zoo. she kept talking tome like i was 5 years old which i did not understand. i told her i watned to go to the zoo and repeated myself over and over. she went to the back and got a muzzle and put it on my head.

the bus dropped me off at the fake address that i gave them (i guess it exizted) and took my muzzle off. before i could tell them i fibbed they had driven off. i think i was in downtown because none of the cars had hubcaps on them. my mom says that black people live downtown. she is an expert on black people because she brings them home a lot after happy hour to have talks in her bedroom. i think black people must be good listeners.

its almost 6:30 and my bedtime so i will finish the story tomorrow of how i got home.


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