Sunday, October 21, 2007

the website

today was my first day of computer class. i am really good with computers because my best friend is a computer. anyway…. during class the teacher was telling us how to create word documents (BORING). i was not interested in making word documents because i already know how to make word documents. instead of making word documents i decided that i should go on the internet.

i was sitting next to bobby swanson in class and he told me abou this awesome website that he had seen at home. i didnt want to be left out so i asked him for the link to the page. he told me it was some sort of chicken breeding website that you could order little baby chickens to be your pets. i love chickens almost as much as i love cornuts so i decided to give it a try. the link was to a page called cupchicks but i did not find any chickens on that site.

when i was looking at it the teacher came over. i guess i should have turned the volume down on it. two girls were making a number 2 into one cup then rubbing it all over there faces. when the teacher saw this i think she almost had a heart attack because she kept gasping for breath and grabbing for things to hold on to like she was going to faint. she got so upset that she sent me to the principels offise.

the principel was in the offise with the couseler again and they started to ask me questions. the counseler kept asking me wher ei had gotten the link to the webpage and i made up a fib and told her that it was my moms homepage and that she made me go to the site everyday because i did not want to get bobby in trouble.

the principel called my mom and she came to get me. it wasnt a very pleasant ride home.


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