Thursday, December 20, 2007

the update

my power went out for the last week because my mom said she forgot to pay the bill. but then she took the elektrisity man into her room and had a talk with him (for 25 minutes) and he turned our lites back on. she is so smart.

bobby got out of jail last week but hasnt been back to school yet. i think that when he gets back i will still try to do everything else on my list to him. we have holiday break from school coming up on friday so i have to act fast before the new year. i am going to try to make him and his family think that they won a million dollars because they are really poor. i think that will teach him and i also think thats what nitro would do if he were me.

i also heard from some kids in school that american gladiators is coming back on tv with new shows. that is the best news i have ever heard since i found out i wasnt going to die from an overdose of flinstones vitamins. i hope nitro comes back and kicks everyones backsides to china.


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