Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the october update

so its been almost 1 year since i have posted anything... but i kept righting everything even though i didnt keep posting. looking back through my notes in my american gladiator trapper keeper here is what happened so far this year...

  • i got caught trying to steal "budweiser"beer from my neighbors house because tommy told me if i didnt he would lock me in a closet and let bobby swanson in and he said it would be like being attacked by a racoon with rabies in the face
  • i went to juvenile hall for being noty where the kids there made me eat peaces of shoelace and dried ejakulashion
  • before i got out my mom sent tommy back to compton because he tried to have sexual relations with her... mom says he is old for his age (11) \... i think they did it.
  • i graduated the 6th grade and all my new classes in 7th grade are with bobby swanson... i think bobby tells the teachers we are best friends so they put us in the same classes in the next grade
  • once i got in 7th grade i called bobby swansons house and told his family they won a million dollars, they were really happy about it and got so sad when they found out that it wasnt real that bobbys dad got really drunk and tried to shoot the whole family... but the rednek was too poor to buy bullets for his shotgun.. it was on the news, he is in jail now
  • bobby found out it was me and pulled out my two front teeth... he tied a string to them while i was alseep in class then screamed "IM GOING TO RAPE YOU" to wake me up... i have bad memories from my past so my first instinkt was to wake up and run as fast as i can and when i did the other end was tied to the teachers desk and my teeth came flying out in front of the entire class... there was blood everywhere.
  • i still have no new front teeth becuz my mom says the dentist doesnt take food stamps
  • lots more stuff but im getting a little sad (buit not much) talking about all the things that happened to me in the last year so ill update them in future posts.

Friday, January 11, 2008

the new year

so i havent righted on my blog in a while becuase i havent felt very good and sad. i forgot to update on what happeend with my cousin tommy so i will start out by telling everyone what happened.

right after christmas alyssa had to baby sit us because mom wanted to go to happy hour. it had been a long time since i had seen alyssa because my mom just had friends over to talk with her in her bedroom instead of going out to happy hour. so of course i was really happy to see alyssa (mostly happy in my pants).

after alyssa came over tommy started asking about the bud that i told him i could get. i had forgotten about it so i went to the fridge and got it out. at first alyssa told me that we couldnt have any of it but tommy got really upset. tommy said that if she didnt let us have it he would tell my mom that she touched him in his private places. alyssa agreed.

after about 30 minutes tommy started getting really mean and started talking in spanish. i didnt know alyssa could speak spanish too but aparently she can. i cant. they both started talkign and drinking more of the bud but wouldnt let me have any. then after a while they started kissing and rubbing eachother on my couch. i told them they had to stop or i would tell my mom, so tommy grabbed me by my hair (what little bit i have) and put me outside and locked the sliding glass door behind me. it was 20 degrees outside that night so i was freezing. all i could do is sit at the door and watch tommy and alyssa do what i saw my mom and that one brown man do that one night when i accidentaly walked in on them while they were making animal noises. i started throwing up everywhere.

i woke up the next morning while i was still outside. my mom asked me what in the heck i was doing outside. i didnt want tommy to get mad at me so i told her that i was pretending i was a dog and fell asleep. she yelled at me and told me my punishment was to stay outside all day. i didnt like that very much.

tommy came to the glass door and told me that even though the beer was good i didnt get him the right kind of bud. he said that i had until tomorrow to get it or he would tell my mom that i was gay. i thought gay meant happy, so i told him to go ahead and do it because i was gay and proud of it. he went and told mom and she started going ballistic. she called up the preacher from chruch and he came over to talk to me in my bedroom in private.

he tried to get me to do horrible things with him which is why i dont feel good and am sad today. i have been faking sick so i wouldnt have to go back to school and see bobby swanson but my mom is making me go back tomorrow. i dont know what im going to do.